Jimin almost used a different stage name.

The Reason Jimin Scrapped His Original Stage Name Will Make You LOL

It actually sounds super cute when he says it.

YouTube/Jimmy Fallon

As one of the most popular bands in existence, it’s natural BTS would have some non-factual information circulating about them on the internet. So when the bandmates sat down for an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on July 13, they took the time to address some of those rumors. ARMYs learned a lot about the boys as they confirmed and denied some of the most pressing rumors about them, and it was truly eye-opening. For one, the truth about BTS' Jimin's scrapped stage name has fans chattering.

Fallon began the segment by asking the guys about their chosen name for their fanbase. BTS calls their fans ARMY, but Fallon questioned them about a rumor claiming they almost used the term “Bell” instead. As RM explained, the rumor is true, but they’re so glad they went with ARMY instead. “ARMY is so much better,” the rapper said.

Next up, Fallon asked Jimin about the stage name he almost used instead of his real name. "When you guys were deciding on stage names, is it true that you almost decided to go with Baby J," Fallon asked. "What else was in the running?"

Jimin admitted the rumor was true. “I had both Baby J and Baby G as an option, but when I thought about saying, 'Hi, I'm Baby J' that sounded really weird,” he explained with a shudder.

You can see BTS’ interview with Jimmy Fallon below.

Jimin may think his initial stage name sounded “weird,” but ARMYs loved the way it sounded after hearing him say it aloud. They took to Twitter to gush over the cuteness of “Baby J,” and the stage name even trended worldwide.

“Jimin saying ‘baby J’ is serotonin,” one fan tweeted after watching the interview.

“Omg I can't imagine if he's really called like that, the nickname suits jimin because he's so cute,” another fan wrote.

Ultimately, Jimin decided to just use his real name instead of picking a stage name, but ARMYs are having a field day with the name that almost was.