Bryce Dallas Howard shared a story from her 'Twilight' days.

Bryce Dallas Howard Shared A Fun Twilight Story That Proves She's Team Edward

Victoria may not have been an Edward fan, but her actor def is.


As any devoted Twilight fan knows, the villainous vampire Victoria isn’t a huge fan of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). But Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays her in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, certainly doesn’t share this opinion. To celebrate the series’ release on Netflix, the actor took to Instagram to share a fun throwback story that proves she’s definitely Team Edward.

ICYMI: Victoria was originally played by Rachelle Lefevre in the series’ first two installments (Twilight and New Moon), but after Lefevre dropped out of Eclipse due to scheduling conflicts, Howard took over. In the film, Victoria creates an army of newborn vampires in order to get revenge against Edward, who killed her “mate,” James (Cam Gingandet). In the movie’s climactic fight scene, Edward ultimately kills Victoria by decapitating her. Although she was only in one Twilight film, Howard clearly remembers her time with the franchise fondly.

On July 24, Howard shared a pic from Eclipse on Instagram to celebrate the Twilight Saga’s recent return to Netflix. In the image, she and newborn vampire Riley (Xavier Samuel) are about to kill Edward. But IRL, she’s a huge Pattinson fan. “Fun fact: My brother-in-law made a notepad for me to use with Robert Pattinson’s face with ‘live dangerously’ at the bottom,” she wrote in the caption. “I will never forget watching the original Twilight in 2008. Every time Edward Cullen (#TeamEdward) was on screen I would squeeze my husband’s hand — sorry @stealthgabel. 🤣 I love that the series has been released on @netflix ❤️”

This isn’t the first time Howard has opened up about her crush on Pattinson. She shared similar anecdotes in a July 2020 interview for PeopleTV’s “Couch Surfing.”

“At a certain point [my husband] was like, ‘Can you stop squeezing my hand when that man goes on screen?’” The actor said that being able to star in a movie with Pattinson was “really wonderful.”

“He’s a total sweetheart,” she added. Good for her!