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Britney Is On Vacation In Hawaii With Her Boyfriend, And I Love That For Her

She's prioritizing her mental and physical health.

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Everyone deserves a vacay sometimes — especially Britney Spears. In the midst of the #FreeBritney movement and her legal battle to end her 13-year-old conservatorship (in which Spears’ finances and personal life decisions are controlled by conservators), the pop icon left Los Angeles in exchange for some tropical sunshine. Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s Instagram on vacation in Hawaii looks just like what she needs.

Things have been pretty intense for Spears lately. On June 23, the 39-year-old singer spoke out in the Los Angeles Superior Court about how unhappy she is with her conservatorship, which has been in place since she experienced a mental health crisis in 2008. Since then, Spears’ supporters have vehemently protested the conservatorship, and in her testimony, Spears described the legal guardianship as “abusive” and “traumatizing.” (Elite Daily previously reached out to Spears’ team for further comment on the claims made in her testimony, but did not hear back.)

“It’s my wish and my dream for all of this to end without being tested,” Spears said in court during her 24-minute testimony. “I shouldn’t be in a conservatorship if I can work and provide money and work for myself and pay other people — it makes no sense. The laws need to change.”

Spears’ widely publicized legal battle has shed light on conservatorships, a legal arrangement that’s been long-criticized in the disability rights community for its infringement upon a disabled (or elderly) person’s civil liberties. Both Spears and her fans believe she is perfectly able to make autonomous decisions about her career, finances, and life in general. So, as the singer’s recent testimony made her legal guardianship appear more unreasonable than ever, it’s refreshing to see Spears enjoy time off with Asghari, who she’s been dating for nearly five years.

In a June 28 Insta post, the model and actor posted a video of himself and Spears working out while in Hawaii. “Team flex over here,” he wrote two superhero emojis. Aww.

It’s not 100% clear when the couple touched down in Hawaii, although it’s possible Spears’ testimony was given remotely from the island. She first showed off some Maui views in an IGTV video posted on June 21, two days before the hearing. On June 28, she shared more footage of her tropical adventures — in it, she’s dancing and enjoying the sand and sun, which warms my heart!

Despite her situation, it’s great to see Brit enjoying some rest and relaxation, especially because she expressed wanting to take an extended vacation in court, saying, “I deserve to have a two- to three-year break and just, you know, do what I want to do.” Here for it!