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Britney Got Real With Fans On IG After Her Shocking Conservatorship Testimony

But some fans aren't buying her caption.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

On Wednesday, June 23, the public listened to Britney Spears address her controversial, 13-year-long conservatorship — under which she has very little control over her life — in court. What Spears said in her testimony confirmed what #FreeBritney advocates have suspected for years: Spears is not happy with the arrangement and wants out. Even after speaking directly to the court for 24 minutes, Spears wasn’t done telling her truth. Britney Spears’ first Instagram after her conservatorship testimony caught fans’ eye.

Spears’ conservatorship was put in place in 2008 after Spears experienced a mental health crisis. Under the conservatorship, her father, Jamie Spears — with whom the singer has a tumultuous relationship — was appointed the conservator of Spears’ finances, medical care, and career in general. In 2019, control of Spears’ personal life was handed over from Jamie to Spears’ care manager, Jodi Montgomery, while Jamie remains in control of her finances.

In Spears’ testimony to the Los Angeles Superior Court, she described her conservatorship as “abusive” and “traumatizing,” and she said she felt overworked and emotionally unwell. “I’m not here to be anyone’s slave,” she said about her management team dictating her schedule. The singer even claimed her team has prevented her from getting her IUD removed (an alarming arrangement not uncommon in conservatorships involving conservatees who can experience pregnancy) or getting married. (Elite Daily reached out to Spears’ team previously for any further comment on her testimony, but did not hear back by the time of publication.)

Fans who have advocated for Spears’ conservatorship to end were ecstatic Spears finally had the opportunity to speak honestly and at length about her situation, especially since they’ve long been skeptical about whether Spears’ reality is as positive as portrayed on her Instagram page. Over the years, some fans have even argued Spears doesn’t run her Insta, although the claim has been refuted by her social media manager — and possibly by her own court testimony.

“I’ve lied and told the whole world ‘I’m OK, and I’m happy.’ It’s a lie. I thought I just maybe if I said that enough maybe I might become happy because I’ve been in denial,” she said. Considering most of her statements to the public come via Instagram captions, she may have confirmed she does write them.

Spears’ most recent post appears to align with her statement in court. She wrote that despite her attempt to convince her followers her “life [is] pretty amazing,” it actually “is not,” but staying optimistic has helped her cope. The caption read:

“I just want to tell you guys a little secret 🤫 … I believe as people we all want the fairy tale life and by the way I’ve posted … my life seems to look and be pretty amazing … I think that’s what we all strive for !!!! That was one of my mother’s best traits … no matter how shitty a day was when I was younger … for the sake of me and my siblings she always pretended like everything was ok. I’m bringing this to people’s attention because I don’t want people to think my life is perfect because IT’S DEFINITELY NOT AT ALL … and if you have read anything about me in the news this week 📰 … you obviously really know now it’s not !!!! I apologize for pretending like I’ve been ok the past two years … I did it because of my pride and I was embarrassed to share what happened to me … but honestly who doesn’t want to capture their Instagram in a fun light 💡🤷🏼‍♀️ !!!! Believe it or not pretending that I’m ok has actually helped … so I decided to post this quote today because by golly if you’re going through hell … I feel like Instagram has helped me have a cool outlet to share my presence … existence … and to simply feel like I matter despite what I was going through and hey it worked … so I’ve decided to start reading more fairy tales 👑🧚‍♀️🦄 !!!!!

Due to the complicated nature of conservatorships, experts say it’s unclear what’s next in Spears’ legal battle. But her fans are rooting for her freedom, as always. Stay strong, Brit!