Here's What Bran's Vision About The Wall & The Night King Really Means

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from the Game Of Thrones Season 7 finale. Tonight was a night filled with Bran traveling hither and yon as the Three-Eyed Raven. (Every time he introduces himself that way, I want him to have business cards.) But while fans are screaming over the visions of Rhaegar's wedding to Lyanna, and Jon's name and so forth, the real danger is in Bran's vision about the wall falling and the Night King.

Don't get distracted by the blurry, beautiful visions of the past. (Seriously, can we call it the Golden Wedding? Please?) Allowing one's self to get distracted from the real dangers that are posed to attack Westeros with shiny baubles like the Iron Throne is exactly what the show is preaching against here. Winter's arrival just showed up in a big way tonight. The dead are marching. And they're no longer marching up above the Wall like a bunch of rats trapped int he attic. They've broken through.

The Wall collapsing is a huge deal. Do you realize how long that thing has stood? Stretching 300 miles across Westeros' narrowest point, rising 700 miles in the air (900 at points where it runs across mountainous terrain.)


It took the powers of all the races in Westeros at the time of the Age of Heroes to build it. The Children wove magical spells. The giants provided the power to raise it so high. And the First Men did the calculations so it would stand the test of time.

All of that, destroyed by one dragon in so little time, it makes you wonder why HBO didn't just hire dragons to melt that block of ice back in March for the date reveal. (No, we're never letting HBO live that down.)


This is, of course, very bad news for Jon Snow, Real Westerosi Hero™, and Daenerys Targaryen. That army is 100,000 strong. They have giants. They have snow bears. They have a dragon.

The North and Dany's army are lining up to take them on. Though Jaime left King's Landing tonight alone, we assume Bronn will take the lead and walk away from Cersei next season, and march the Lannister Army after Jaime towards Winterfell. (He'll claim it's castle and money based. We'll know he's lying.)

But even then the Army of the Living will still be facing extremely long odds -- especially because every soldier they lose is one gained for the enemy.


Dany and Jon's Snow's chances were better when the Night King and company were trapped on the far side. That way, even if the battle was terrible, there was still control on whether they can get over. That's gone now.

Let's hope Cersei's denial keeps her safe and warm at night. And thank all the gods, old and new, that Sansa made the right choice to not listen to Littlefinger. Because with the Wall down, the Army of the Dead will come for the North next. The final showdown next season may just wind up at Winterfell after all.