Bradley Cooper's Doppelgänger Causes Mayhem At Sundance Film Festival

Getty Images

Real Bradley Cooper might have been associated with crashing weddings, but fake Bradley Cooper? He prefers Sundance Film Festival afterparties.

Complex reports this mischievous doppelgänger remains unnamed; although, it's 100 percent not Bradley Cooper.

Apparently, the mysterious lookalike has proven himself to be a smooth talker after successfully schmoozing his way into the party for the film "White Girl." Organizers whiffed something fake quickly, though, and removed him from the event.

While being escorted out of the bar, he allegedly yelled,

 You're done for!

As a way of proving he was the real deal, the impersonator reportedly flashed party guests a screenshot from "The Hangover" he'd saved on his phone. Because no one goes around impersonating Bradley Cooper without also toting some solid proof.

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