Lana Condor stars in Netflix's new comedy series 'Boo, Bitch.'

The Trailer For Lana Condor's New Netflix Series Is Freaky And Fabulous

Something bitchy this way comes.


Ghosting is about to take on a whole new meaning. After navigating the tricky love triangles of To All The Boys and traveling through the stars in Moonshot, rom-com queen Lana Condor is going ghost for her next starring role. If you can’t wait for a fun mix of inventive ghost stories and laugh-out-loud comedy, here’s everything you should know about Netflix’s Boo, Bitch, including when it will premiere and the cast starring in the series.

No need for scaredy cats to worry — although Boo, Bitch may be a ghost story, it will only have you screaming from laughter. The new comedy stars Lana Condor as high school senior Erika, who spent her whole time in school playing it safe and keeping to herself. But as the end of high school draws closer, Erika decides to finally put herself out there and make up for lost time... only to receive the rude awakening that she’s now a ghost.

But Erika’s not really a ghost in the typical sense of, like, a translucent spirit floating around. She can’t walk through walls, and other people can still see and interact with her. The mystery of Erika’s ghostly new form is at the core of the series, and it sounds like it’ll be a ton of fun watching her test the limits of her second chance at life... or afterlife.

Boo, Bitch’s Cast

Alongside Condor’s Erika in her weird new journey will be her best friend Gia, played by Zoe Margaret Colletti. As for romance, Mason Versaw will play Jake C, who appears to be Erika’s love interest.


The cast of high schoolers is rounded out by Jami Alix as Lea, Aparna Brielle as Riley, Conor Husting as Jake W, Abigail Achiri as Raven, Tenzing Norgay Trainor as Gavin, Savira Windyani as Sail, and Reid Miller as Brad.

Boo, Bitch’s Trailer

The Boo, Bitch trailer revolves around Erika trying to figure out how she can become human again, and teases a potential loophole. “I can stick around if I’m more famous in death than in life,” Erika states, which leads to her attempting to become an influencer.

Boo, Bitch’s Premiere Date

The new series will drop on Netflix on July 8.