Blake Lively Totally Fangirled Over Beyoncé In This Hilarious Interview


Blake Lively is just as into Beyoncé as the rest of us are — the only difference is Blake Lively is famous and has access to Queen Bey's jewelry.

Yep, while she was at the red carpet premiere on Tuesday of her new film, "The Shallows," in New York City, Blake was rocking earring that had once been worn by Beyoncé herself.


In a red carpet interview with E! News, Blake said of the earrings,

She wore them to the CFDA. We're the same person tonight. I am Beyoncé. I am going to drop the most revolutionary album of all time.

Watch the video of the interview below:

She was probably joking about that whole "I am Beyoncé" thing, but you never know what celebrities are hiding behind those suspiciously flawless human suits.

Don't worry, though, Beyhive, Blake knows better than to actually compare herself to the queen. She went on to say,

If this movie could just be a drop in the bucket to what Lemonade does to my heart, than I am happy, happy, happy.

Same, Blake. Same.

Those earrings weren't the only jewelry Blake wore to the premiere. She was also rocking some impressive rocks on her finger.

By the way, in case you didn't know already, she was totally joking when she said earlier this week she and Ryan Reynolds would make a baby for you.

She told the interviewer,

Anything you say people are going to sensationalize it. Yeah I made a joke. I come from five kids, he comes from four kids, I said we have a website in which you can pick your breed and in eight weeks you'll have… I speak nonsense.

Sorry, guys. Your kids are stuck with your boring old non-famous genes!

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