Blac Chyna Looks Like She's About To Burst In These 'Preggo Life' Snaps

Blac Chyna isn't due until November, but it looks like she's about to pop any second.

Rob Kardashian's bae posted a series of Snapchats showing her huge, inked bump.

There's a mountain of a baby hidden behind these swollen tattoos.


So pregnant.


So big.


So majestic.


And no one's more prepared to welcome their tiny human into the world than Rob.

In honor of his upcoming fatherhood, he posted an emotional Instagram post of his late dad with the caption,

Can't wait! MISS YOU POPS.

He's pretty reclusive by nature, but the Kardashian has been hot on social media to promote the couple's upcoming show, “Rob & Chyna,” which is due to come out September 11.

Doesn't he look like he's lost a ton of weight? Good for you, Rob.

In that issue of PEOPLE, Blac said things have been ironed out between the Kardashians after numerous reports Rob's sisters weren't too pleased about the pregnancy announcement.

He said,

We're not holding grudges. We've all talked, I've met up with Kylie. Everybody is mature... We've moved on.