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Blac Chyna Is Accusing Kylie Jenner Of Copying Her Cooking Series

Oh snap. It looks like the drama between Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner is getting out of control.

If you haven't heard, Blac Chyna (Tyga's ex) now dates Kylie Jenner's brother, Rob Kardashian.

Yeah, it's a pretty messy situation. If I were Kylie, I'd be pretty damn pissed.

The two ladies had some beef in the past, but it looks like the tension is escalating.

This Monday, right after Kylie Jenner launched her new cooking series, "Cooking With Kylie," Chyna threw major shade at Kylie on Instagram.

Apparently, Chyna uses a separate Instagram account (@cookingwithchyna) to post cookery videos of her own.

She's been using the account for 11 weeks and currently has over 41,000 followers on it.

On Monday, Chyna posted a screenshot of her Instagram videos right after Kylie released her promotional video.

She added the caption,

Bitch Bye. Follow @cookingwithchyna #InfatuatedWitChy.

Chyna not only accused Kylie of being "infatuated" with her, but she also implied Kylie copied her ideas.

Since the post, Tyga came to Kylie's defense in a few Snapchat videos.

The videos were posted to Instagram.

One caption read,

2016. Mfs gotta stop acting like they invented everything . @kinggoldchains #LamboLuxury #Tyga#KingGoldChains

In the accompanying video, Tyga said,

Everything's already been done.

The second caption read,

It's already been done . @kinggoldchains #KingGoldChains #Tyga #LamboLuxury

The videos are believed to be directed at Blac Chyna for accusing Kylie of copying her.

Chyna and Tyga co-parent their son, King, together, but that isn't stopping Tyga from standing up for his girlfriend.

The screenshot Chyna posted was since deleted.

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