Billie Eilish’s “Lost Cause” music video compared to “Beyonce’s “7/11” is wild.

Billie's New Video Is Giving Fans Flashbacks To Beyoncé’s "7/11" Video

The similarities are definitely there.

Morgan Lieberman/WireImage/Getty Images

Although they’re years apart in age and sound, Beyoncé and Billie Eilish still have a few things in common. For starters, they’re both household names who have altered popular music as we know it with a combined total of 35 Grammys to prove it. Both musicians also have highly dedicated fan bases curious about who or what their faves are inspired by. This time around, the elders have inspired the youth. Side by side, Billie Eilish’s “Lost Cause” music video compared to Beyoncé’s “7/11” visual might surprise you.

On June 2, Eilish dropped a new song, “Lost Cause,” and its accompanying music video. The track is super low-key, and fans are obsessed with its chilled-out vibe that perfectly complements Eilish’s voice. Eyelashes are also in love with the music video’s aesthetic. It features all the muted tones that the 19-year-old singer’s embracing in her Happier Than Ever era, and follows her as she and her friends embrace some major slumber party energy. But a particularly unique aspect of the visual is the way it's filmed: up-close and with a not-so-stable camera, as if the viewer is at the sleepover themself, documenting it all firsthand.

The music video concept is amazing — and a super refreshing direction for Eilish — but some stans have noticed the clip is reminiscent of Beyoncé’s visual for “7/11,” which came out in 2014.

ICYMI, here’s a recap of Beyoncé’s iconic “7/11” video: The 39-year-old musical extraordinaire is shown dancing, singing, drinking, and generally goofing off with her own girl gang at a hotel. From the hotel suite balcony to empty hallways, the singer and her crew master the art of chaos — all caught on an iPhone camera, fisheye lens. As Eyelashes and members of the Behive have noted, “7/11” and “Lost Cause” are thematically similar in that they both showcase what the perfect “girls night in” looks like; naturally, the center of attention in each of the videos is the artist herself.

Obviously, Beyoncé didn’t invent the concept of slumber parties, so it would be unfair to say Eilish borrowed the idea directly from the Black is King icon. However, even beyond the music video’s similar plot, “Lost Cause” is super evocative of “7/11” in so many ways.

First, Beyoncé’s video feels super intimate to its viewers because it was literally shot on a phone camera. “Lost Cause” was seemingly filmed on a professional camera, but still, the visual seems just as personal as that of “7/11.” Overall, the filming style of both artists’ videos makes you feel like you’re joining in on the fun.


Another similarity between the two visuals is location. Even though Eilish’s video is filmed at a mansion rather than a hotel (like Beyoncé’s), her video features her and her friends in settings extremely similar to those of “7/11.” This parallel is most obvious in the kitchen and balcony scenes of “Lost Cause.”


Not only are the balcony scenes alike in framing, but they were both filmed during sundown — which can’t be a coincidence, right?


Eilish hasn’t cited Beyoncé as an inspiration behind the “Lost Cause” video, but her fans have a point — the vibes are pretty similar to “7/11.” Regardless of whether or not you think the Happier Than Ever singer was influenced by Queen Bey, one thing’s for sure: both sleepovers looked lit AF. Shoot me an invite next time, Billie.