'Big Brother' Cast Gets Major Backlash For Attacking A Veteran's Military Experience


It's a really hectic week in the Big Brother house right now, and tensions reached a high point on Monday. Lines were very clearly drawn in the sand between showmance Jessica and Cody and the rest of the Season 19 houseguests, as most of the contestants spent the day attempting to provoke and annoy the two people on the outs. The psychological warfare wasn't easy for most live-feeders to watch, but it reached a breaking point for most fans when the Big Brother cast attacked military veteran Cody's experience in the armed forces.

Let's do a little catching up on where things are at in the Big Brother house before getting into the Cody thing. Okay, so it's been obvious for a while Jess and Cody are the targets for pretty much every other player in the game, most of whom are sticking close to Jody's main enemy Paul. Well, it was bad news for Jody this week when Paul won both the HOH and the POV, securing both Jess and Cody's places on the block. But thankfully for Jody, they can save themselves this week with the Halting Hex Jess was tempted with, which can nullify the entire week and force a new HOH.

OK, still with me? So, since the other side of the house found out about the Halting Hex and didn't want their week in power to go to waste, they decided to try to antagonize Jody in order to either get the couple to self-evict or maybe throw a punch and get sent home that way. The real issue for fans of the show came up when Paul's alliance set out to attack Cody's military background in order to try to get under his skin.

Along with his relationship with Jessica, Cody's status as a Marine veteran has become probably his most defining aspect of the show. Thankfully, Cody managed to keep his cool throughout the taunting and nothing serious went down, but the choice left a sour taste in the mouths of a number of viewers. Former Big Brother winners Rachel Reilly and Dick Donato both tweeted their distaste for the move, as did recent Season 19 evictee Dominique Cooper.

Thankfully, the house seems to have settled down a bit since Monday's drama, so hopefully things won't get so heated on that out-of-control level again.