Feyonce Inc.

Beyoncé Is Reportedly Suing This Company For Hurting Her Brand

Is there something super satisfying about seeing “He put a ring on it” next to the obvious pun “FEYONCÉ”? Yes, of course, but that's no excuse for breaking the law.

Beyoncé is suing Feyonce Inc. for the sale of merchandise with labels bearing an eerily close resemblance to her trademarked name, Complex reports. The merch also references Beyoncé's lyrics.

The lawsuit reportedly suggests the FEYONCÉ line is misleading for consumers and negatively affects the brand Beyoncé's built.

Additionally, the suit insists the defendants were previously contacted regarding infringement issues and ignored King Bey's concerns.

In fact, defendant Andre Maurice reportedly went as far as filing trademark applications for both “FEYONCE” and “FEYONCÉ.” You know, just to be safe.

As much as we all want to add a little Beyoncé to our engagement process with a FEYONCÉ hoodie, mug or tank top (très romantique), this is perhaps the shadiest way of going about it.

The lawsuit reportedly states,

Seeking to capitalize on the notoriety of 'Single Ladies,' with its famous lines 'put a ring on it,' Defendants are selling merchandise bearing the 'FEYONCÉ' mark -- a misspelling of 'fiancé' intended to call to mind Beyoncé and her famous song… Defendants' conduct described herein is intentional, fraudulent, malicious, willful and wanton.

Wanton, guys, wanton as living eff.

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