Beyoncé teases looks from the upcoming 'Renaissance' visual album and proves she's That Girl

Whoa, Beyoncé Might've Just Given Us A Glance At All Her Renaissance Music Video Looks

She really is that girl.

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Beyoncé didn’t just break my soul — she broke the internet. On July 29, 2022, Beyoncé released an album in a way that only Queen Bey could: by surprise. Beyoncé gave fans two weeks to recover from the earth-shattering Renaissance drop before teasing the upcoming visual album that everyone’s been waiting for. After all, Bey has become known for giving every single song on her albums music videos that tie together into a cinematic story, and it appears Renaissance will follow that trend. In the “I’m That Girl” video teaser that dropped on August 12, Beyoncé gave a sneak peek at the looks she has in store for each song, and fans have chimed in with theories on which look belongs to which song.

Ever since her second solo album B’Day, Bey has turned each of her albums into movies like no other artist can. In 2016, many would argue she perfected the visual album form with the groundbreaking Lemonade, with the full album visuals dropping alongside the album with a surprise release. Unfortunately, the Renaissance album drop wasn’t accompanied by any music videos, but the final moments of the clip for Bey’s “I’m That Girl” teaser seemed to promise a full visual album is coming.

The teaser clip ended with a ton of different looks flashing on the screen, which fans think will be the looks for her various upcoming videos. The first look is an iconic chromatic bodysuit that almost steals the show. It flashes with each turn and lights up Beyoncé’s face as she sings along to the repetitive lyrics “These motherf*ckers ain’t stopping me.” The hairstyle she rocks is reminiscent of the artwork for her 2006 album B’Day shaped almost like a bee hive — a nod to the start of her solo career, perhaps?


There are more potential easter eggs to be found in the teaser, like the braided look she sports with a dark lip that gives “Formation” vibes or a gold halo-like crown that resembles a gilded fit she wore for a performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards. Other looks the Queen rocks are never-before-seen and fit the vibe of the album perfectly. There has been no official word on which look belongs to each song, but fans have theories that are pretty convincing.


A head-to-toe bedazzled look has fans connecting the dots to the track “Alien Superstar.” There are other possible contenders, like a double-sided chrome mask or glittery cowboy fit, but the elaborately bejeweled head-to-toe makeup seems to fit the vibe (it’s also giving glittery Carrie).


Another notable look from the teaser has fans green with envy. Beyoncé rocks emerald hair and shimmering lipstick that sparks a resemblance to the late drag queen Moi Renee. In the song “PURE/HONEY,” Bey samples a track from the 1992 single “Miss Honey.” Moi Renee was known for her electric green hair and catchy tunes, which draws a resemblance to the one-second peek at Beyonce’s green goddess vibe.

Each look in the teaser has a vibe of its own, but there is one key element they all share: glamor. Beyoncé has unbreakable confidence and style, so it’s no surprise that the teaser was all hits, no misses. The full visual album has no official release date, but Beyoncé’s track record of dropping music at the strike of midnight has fans waiting eagerly for the masterpiece to arrive any day now.