Beyoncé Surprised Fans With An Epic Performance At The BET Awards Last Night

Beyoncé is straight killin' it, even months after releasing her visual album.

The Lemonade singer surprised fans with a special performance last night at the BET Awards and absolutely destroyed the stage.

Queen Bey was nominated for five awards last night, so it only makes sense she'd kick off the show.

If I was in the presence of a surprise Beyoncé concert, I would be forever blessed. I hope the audience is doing OK after that because someone would probably have to rush me to the hospital. Bey would take my breath away... literally.

She performed "Freedom" with Kendrick Lamar and looked badass AF in a black lace unitard. WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT, BEY? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.

In case you missed it, Beyoncé added some photos and videos to her Instagram of the awesome night. You can check them out below.

This is only part of Beyoncé's BET performance, but it's giving me so many chills.


We are not worthy.

I am dead. I am done. Bey, you are my hero.

Wow, dreams really do come true. Bless.

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