The Best Reactions To That Insane 'Scream Queens' Death

SPOILER ALERT: This is a SPOILER ALERT. When you read a headline alluding to the death/birth/return/wedding/coma/etc. of a major character, please assume the character's name and the circumstances surrounding the death/birth/return/wedding/coma/etc. will be revealed within the post. This is called “common sense” or “basic deductive reasoning.” When people spend effort and anger on spoilers in the Information Age, they are only hurting themselves. Snape kills Dumbledore. This has been a SPOILER ALERT.


You're too hot and too rich to die, Chad. Please come back.

Chad was stabbed to death on Tuesday night's episode of “Scream Queens,” just as he was primed to walk down the aisle and marry his soulmate in straight-up awfulness, Chanel.

As he fell into the chapel and on top of his bride-to-be, our hearts broke and our vaginas wept.

.@glenpowell, me af rn. #ScreamQueens. — Kevin Surma (@KevinSurma) October 12, 2016
@glenpowell — Ancient Storm (@David_BGC55) October 12, 2016
@glenpowell #ScreamQueens — IMWatts (@IMWatts17) October 12, 2016
@glenpowell how I feel after watching @ScreamQueens tonight #rip #ChadRadwell — Brittany Valenzuela (@bvalenzuela_) October 12, 2016

Who will pork us when you're gone, Chad?

@glenpowell — Campbell Keele (@campbellkeele) October 12, 2016

Actor Glen Powell, who played Chad to detestable perfection on the show, tweeted a farewell to fans Tuesday night.

Chad will be so dearly missed.

After all, he taught us how to be hot.

He taught us about bravery.

He taught us how to be honest about our emotions.

He taught us about confrontation.

He taught us how to play Truth or Dare.

He taught us the Ghetto Code.

He taught us about sexual responsibility.

He taught us about dignity.

He taught us how to golf.

He taught us how to love, dammit.

Chad, you're a dumb, sexy angel now, but you will forever be missed here on Earth.

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