Bella Thorne And Gregg Sulkin Take The Win For Relationship Goals (Photos)

There's no shortage of beautiful young couples running around Hollywood these days.

From Vanessa and Austin to Taylor and Calvin, there are plenty of dynamic duos we all aspire to be.

But when it comes to dominating #relationshipgoals, Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin definitely take the win.

Although Bella and Gregg have been friends for six years, the two didn't start dating until recently. Now, these guys are practically inseparable and the epitome of the perfect celebrity power couple.

Although Bella and Gregg may be young, these lovebirds have a solid relationship and are constantly stealing our hearts by being cuter than we ever thought imaginable.

Take a look at the pictures below and check out this gorgeous celebrity couple.

Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin give us all #relationshipgoals.

After being friends for six years, the young celebs finally decided to take their relationship to the next level...

...and now, these two are basically a human version of "Lady and the Tramp."

It's not hard to see they only have eyes for each other.

Bella has no problem showing the world how Gregg sweeps her off her feet...

...and clearly, Gregg feels the same way about his gorgeous girlfriend.

Hey @bellathorne "im in love with the coa coa" pic.twitter.com/ie3S8IKyQC — Gregg Sulkin (@greggsulkin) May 12, 2015

These good-looking goofballs are a match made in Hollywood heaven.

And just when we think they couldn't be any more perfect...

...they always manage to do something even more damn adorable.


#matchingjerseys #GotMyOwnVersionOfTed @bellathorne pic.twitter.com/7LpadFEcaa — Gregg Sulkin (@greggsulkin) July 15, 2015

Whether they're looking fabulous on the red carpet...

I mean...seriously? Wow @bellathorne pic.twitter.com/ij29Io8egA — Gregg Sulkin (@greggsulkin) June 22, 2015

...stealing kisses on the sidewalk...

...rocking matching ensembles...

...or taking long, romantic walks on the beach...

...this happy couple just can't seem to keep their hands off each other.

Bella and Gregg forever.