Bella Hadid Poses Topless In Sexy New Calvin Klein Ad And It's Perfect

by Anna Menta

The new Calvin Klein ad featuring Bella Hadid is both sexy and terrifying.

Sexy because Bella Hadid wasn't wearing a shirt, but terrifying because the editing and music seem to suggest she is about to get brutally murdered by an axeman at any second.

The 19-year-old model posed alongside other celebrities to advertise Calvin Klein's Fall 2016 Global campaign, including Kate Moss, Frank Ocean and Zoë Kravitz.

Bella's main part in the film is lying on the floor in jeans and nothing else. Again, while it is very sexy, it is also VERY MURDER-Y.

Look at this lighting and angle, pair that with the creepy soundtrack on the video and tell me you aren't getting murder vibes.

Bella, your body is gorgeous. Please protect it from the crazy serial killer who is clearly about to attack you.

I'm sorry, I'm just very concerned for Bella's safety. Can someone tell Gigi what's about to happen to her sister?

Although, in an additional video for the campaign, Bella talks about her crazy temper so maybe it was BELLA who was the murderer all along?! (Dun dun DUNNN!)

Bella says,

I don't have a bad temper, I just know what I want.

Uh-huh. OK, Bella, that sounds exactly like what a crazy murderer would say. Please note the creepy murder music playing over this interview.

Here's what I think Bella's tagline for this campaign should actually be:

I _soullessly murder people_ in #mycalvins.

You can have that one for free, Calvin!

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