DeMario May Be On ‘The Bachelorette’ For The Wrong Reasons


It looks like we have frontrunner for Rachel's heart... but a big reveal could turn everything on its head! When Chris Harrison asked Rachel who she was warming up to halfway through the limo entrances, the first name that came to her lips was Bachelorette contestant DeMario, but a warning from a past contestant may foretell disaster.

Though DeMario seems to have impressed Rachel, Sarah from the past season of The Bachelor has a different story to tell. When Rachel meets up with a bunch of the girls from her previous season of the show to get some advice on the new dudes, Whitney relayed an eyebrow-raising message about DeMario.

Whitney let Rachel know that supposedly, Sarah (Vendal) knows DeMario through mutual friends, and that he may not be the best choice for Rachel. It's still unclear what Sarah could mean with this warning, but it sounds like DeMario may not have the best intentions...

Hmmm... what could that mean? It would certainly be surprising since he came in so confident; he even brought in a pair of tickets to Las Vegas for him and Rachel to elope at the end of the season!

Despite his natural charm and the fact that he seems to be winning over Rachel, we did get some hints at what his downfall may involve, as other contestants dinged DeMario for maybe being too loud and talking too much.

Another pretty suspicious thing about DeMario is that his Instagram account is only 3 weeks old. He only has eight posts on his account and half of them are just promoting The Bachelorette. Sooo... did he really just make an Instagram for the show or could he have deleted all of his older posts? What's going on here?

We'll just have to wait and see what's going on with DeMario as the season progresses!