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Michelle Young is the Season 18 Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Fully Spoiled A Major Elimination In Its New Promo

Does this mean we'll finally get an official Bachelor announcement?

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The newest promo for Season 18 of The Bachelorette just revealed a huge spoiler, one that could have a major impact on the whole Bachelor franchise. The promo clip shows Michelle Young eliminating Clayton Echard from The Bachelorette in a super emotional moment. And it’s kind of a big deal.

In the Nov. 16 episode of The Bachelorette, Michelle and Clayton seemed to be building a connection, but it looks like that will all end in the Nov. 23 episode of The Bachelorette. The text of the promo clip teases “the moment that changes everything” during a one-on-one date for Michelle and Clayton. In the clip, Michelle says, “Clayton is a wonderful person. He’s just not my person,” as we see her put a rose down instead of pinning it on his lapel. Next, there’s a clip of Clayton reading a letter from Michelle, which she narrates: “Not being able to give you this rose doesn’t mean that you’re not enough.”

Elimination spoilers like this aren’t usually a part of your typical Bachelorette promos. But Clayton isn’t your typical Bachelorette contestant. Even before Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette premiered, it was reported that Clayton will be the Season 26 Bachelor. ABC has yet to confirm this, but this promo very casually makes it clear that he’s not ending up with Michelle’s final rose.

Clayton hasn’t gotten a lot of screentime so far in Season 18 of The Bachelorette, and the screentime that he has gotten hasn’t been very interesting. A lot of fans have been wondering when audiences would get to see the spark that made him the reported choice for the next Bachelor season, and it looks like Clayton’s upcoming one-on-one date with Michelle will at least offer Bachelor Nation the opportunity to get to know him a bit more. Fans are speculating in the Instagram comments of the promo that once Clayton is eliminated from The Bachelorette, ABC will make the official announcement that he’s the next Bachelor. Viewers will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Season 18 of The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.