'The Bachelor' Is Getting A Snapchat Spinoff

No, you read that headline right.

Yes, it's fucking absurd.

No, this does not technically qualify symbolically as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Yes, society is irrevocably doomed.

No, Bad Chad isn't involved this time.

Yes, Disney is.

Snapchat is teaming up with Disney to produce app-exclusive content set to air the day after season 21 of “The Bachelor” premieres, Variety reports.

“Watch Party: The Bachelor” will feature a series of three-to-five minute episodes breaking down each "Bachelor" ep as it airs -- because if there's anything society needs to routinely analyze with laser focus, it's a TV show about a basic white guy trying to get fucked in a hot tub.

Like any Snapchat story, each episode will remain available for viewing up to 24 hours after it's posted in the app's Snapchat Discover section.

In a statement, Disney-ABC TV's executive VP of digital media strategy and business development, John Frelinghuysen explained,

We've been exploring ways to tell stories on mobile, and Snapchat was a very exciting canvas for us to work on.

On their end, Snapchat looks forward to the pairing. Nick Bell, Snap Inc.'s VP of content, said,

Disney-ABC have rewritten the rules for how to develop daring, fun and adventurous series for TV, mastering formats ranging from scripted to reality and from drama to comedy… They will be a vital partner as we continue to expand our lineup of shows on Discover.

The show will host a rotating cast of celebs, comedians, knowledgeable fans and infamous members of Bachelor Nation to discuss each episode of the ABC dating show.

Can't wait to watch these recaps on the toilet.*

*This, unlike the remainder of this post, is not an insult. I realize the vast majority of the content I produce for Elite Daily is being consumed by readers on toilets across America as we speak.

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