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ABC’s 'The Bachelorette' Season 19 stars Justin Budfuloski

Justin B. From The Bachelorette May Be The Show's Next Resident Musician

He can really play piano.

(ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Corniness comes with the territory when watching The Bachelorette, and Justin Budfuloski seems to be fully embracing that. Case in point: His ABC bio notes he’s “a lover, not a fighter.” Could this be hinting at a possible hero arc for Justin on the show? Only time will tell...

Justin’s bio also describes him as optimistic, which could come in handy when things get tough in the mansion. He’s also apparently used to chaotic living environments because he grew up with a lot of siblings. His ABC bio doesn’t say exactly how many, but his Instagram includes family pictures that show at least four adult siblings at weddings and holiday celebrations.

On this season, all of the contestants will need to embrace chaos, seeing as they’re vying for attention from two women instead of just one, as Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia team up to find fiancés. Justin’s self-described positive energy and comfortability with wild living environments could win him some points as tensions raise through the season.

Unlike other contestants this season, fans don’t have to solely rely on his ABC bio and IG for info, because Justin also has a TikTok. His TikToks are mostly educational, showing viewers how to correct their posture and alleviate body pains. His account is @symmetryofmotion and the bio reads, “Pain/ Scoliosis/ Postural and Functional Online Specialist,” giving a nod to his job.

Justin Budfuloski’s Job

Like many self-employed people nowadays, Justin’s TikTok is actually a part of his job — he is a physical therapist who used his training to start his own online program for pain management, called Symmetry of Motion.

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Justin Budfuloski’s Family & Hometown

Justin is from Solana Beach, California, which is near San Diego. Although it isn’t clear exactly how many siblings he has, his IG makes it obvious that they spend a lot of time together over holidays and birthdays. Justin also has some nephews and nieces who he posts about with some regularity — it wouldn’t be a Bachelorette season without one of the guys flaunting his proud uncle status.

Justin Budfuloski’s Age

Justin was born on June 16, 1989, making him one of the older cast members at 33 years old — seven years older than Rachel and two years older than Gabby. Justin’s birthday makes him a Gemini.

Justin Budfuloski’s Instagram

Lucky for fans who like to sleuth, Justin has two Instagrams: one personal and one for his business, although there is a bit of overlap. His business Instagram is very similar to his TikTok, sharing tips on how to improve posture and reduce pain. On Justin’s personal IG, he shares more personal stuff, including snaps of his family and friends.

The most surprising part of his personal IG, though, is his talent on the keys. There’s a handful of videos featuring him playing the piano, and he’s actually quite good!

Usually, musical contestants pull out their talent early in the season for the lead to get to know them — fans will just have to wait and see if they’ll be treated to a Justin B. musical performance in the first couple of episodes. (Let’s just hope he’s not the next Jed.)