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ABC’s 'The Bachelorette' Season 19 stars Kirk Bryant

This Bachelorette Contestant Is Kind Of A Big Deal In The Football World

So *that's* why he was yelling at Gabby and Rachel in his limo entrance.

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If you were confused by Kirk Bryant’s limo entrance on Night 1 of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s season of The Bachelorette, you aren’t alone. Kirk decided to make an impression by literally yelling in Gabby and Rachel’s faces, with no context as to why. But it turns out, Kirk has good reason for his little outburst; it’s how he gets people pumped.

Kirk is used to yelling; he even gets paid for it. He’s a college football coach at Texas Tech University. Kirk’s ABC bio says he’s a super busy guy, even working seven days a week during the season, which, mind you, is a whopping five months from August to December. His bio reads, “[Kirk wants] a partner that understands how demanding his work schedule is and will happily hold down the fort while he's away.” While Gabby and Rachel may or may not be down for that commitment, Kirk also said he’s looking for an independent woman, which seems very aligned with the two leads.

No matter what happens on Kirk’s journey to love with Gabby or Rachel, he has a lot of support back at home. The Texas Tech football Instagram account gave him a shout of encouragement during the premiere, and his IG stories overflowed with reposts from friends and family gassing him up.

It appears his shout-heavy limo entrance worked out for him on Night 1, since he didn’t get eliminated right off the bat. Fans will just have to wait and see if this Southern coach can keep up his game.

Here’s what else to know about him:

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More On Kirk Bryant’s Job

Kirk has been a senior offensive analyst at Texas Tech University, where the football team is called the Red Raiders, since December 2021. Before that, he worked at various other colleges, documenting his career progress on IG. Like a lot of coaches, Kirk played the game himself all through high school and at Mississippi College.

Kirk Bryant’s Family & Hometown

Kirk grew up in Lubbock, Texas, where it seems his family really encouraged his love for sports. One older shot on his IG shows his mom, Tanya, embracing him on a running track. Her @ on Instagram is @coachtbryant, and although her profile is private, it’s probably safe to assume coaching runs in the family. Kirk’s dad, Keith, has a public IG, where you can catch TBTs of the whole family.

Other than sports, Christianity seems really important to Kirk and his family. Kirk described his mom in the aforementioned post as a “wonderful woman of god” and his bio reads, “saved by grace,” a classic Christian sentiment. Kirk also has two brothers, Haden and Holden, who he also called “godly men.” With faith and football as his core interests, Kirk should fit right in in Bachelor Nation.

Kirk Bryant Age

Kirk was born on July 15, 1992, making him 29, right in between Gabby at 31 and Rachel at 26. His birthday also makes him a Cancer, a sign known for being strong communicators.

Kirk Bryant’s Instagram

If you’re into football — or any sport, really — you’ll love Kirk’s Instagram. Basically, all he shares are shots of him playing a sport or coaching football. In his Bachelorette announcement post, he even poked fun at himself, writing, “I guess I’ll finally post something that’s not football related.” Other than his main love, it looks like he played basketball and baseball and ran track growing up.

Kirk Bryant’s Bachelorette Journey

Kirk seemingly didn’t get a chance to make much more of an impression on Gabby or Rachel after their first interaction on Night 1, but he did get to stay around because the two leads canceled the first rose ceremony and only sent home three people. So, Kirk has more time to make an impression on Rachel and Gabby.