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ABC’s 'The Bachelorette Season 19 stars Justin Young

This Bachelorette Contestant Shares A Name With 1 Guy — And A Face With Another

Justin Y. already has me so confused.

(ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Almost every season of The Bachelorette includes a couple of men with the same name, giving fans memorable monikers like Tyler C. that stick beyond the show. This season, Justin is a popular name, with Justin B. and Justin Y. both trying to date Gabby Windey and/or Rachel Recchia. But Justin Y. isn’t just one of two Justins; he’s also one of two brothers on the season — his twin, Joey Young, is also hoping to find love. In an effort to be less confused this season, here’s everything you need to know about Justin Young.

Based on Justin’s Instagram, he and his brother seem inseparable, doing everything from high school, to college, to The Bachelorette together. Fans can hope that at least their types aren’t the same so the twins don’t end up going after the same woman. Justin’s ABC bio might have given fans a little hint about the twins’ dynamic on the show, though, by defining Joey’s profession as “Twin” and Justin’s as “The Other Twin.” This slightly shady move could point to which twin goes further on the show, or it could just be ABC’s attempt at humor.

Although very little is known about how the season will play out, one thing’s for certain: The show is clearly going to make twin jokes as long as both guys are on the show.

Justin Young’s Job

There is no publicly available information about Justin’s job, but he did just graduate from Quinnipiac University in 2021, so he might be looking for work or hoping to keep his job and his time on The Bachelorette separate.

Justin Young’s Family & Hometown

Justin grew up in Brookfield, Connecticut, stayed in the state for college, and now lives in New York City with Joey.

Justin Young’s Age

Justin and Joey have stirred up some comments online because of their age — they’re 24, among the youngest of the season’s contestants, two years younger than Rachel and seven years younger than Gabby.

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Justin Young’s Instagram

Like Joey, Justin’s Instagram is essentially a highlight reel of all the clubbing and partying the twins get up to in Miami, New York, and New Jersey. Story highlights show Justin has even been clubbing with his lowkey doppelgänger, Shawn Mendes.

Being a party animal has certainly never excluded anyone from having a good run on The Bachelorette so Justin and his twin may be just the dose of fun this season needs. As Joey wrote in his announcement IG caption, “Get your drinks ready, see you Mondays!”