This Adorable Baby Might Just Be Justin Bieber's Biggest Fan

Daily Mail

Justin Bieber should 100 percent quit his day job and become a full-time baby whisperer.

If you think you're the biggest Justin Bieber fan on the planet, I strongly suggest you meet 6-month-old Layla Potter from Saint Charles, Missouri. As far as I can tell, she's genetically predisposed to loving herself some Biebs.

It's like her body stops being a baby's body that cries over everything -- and that is literally what babies' bodies do until babies grow up -- and starts being a chilled out music-loving sedated sponge the second Justin's voice enters the atmosphere.

There is no more pure way to show you are the optimal Belieber than to have been one since the day you escaped your mother's womb.

I'm so sorry, lady who got this terrible tattoo. Your actions, while once viewed as a pure act of Justin Bieber fandom, now seem SUPER forced.

I think the same goes for you, buddy.

According to Layla's mom, Brittnay, Layla listens to Justin every day.

Brittnay said,

Anytime she starts getting fussy I play Love Yourself and she instantly calms down. She has done this since she was a month old.

This sounds like a great way to save money hiring babysitters. Next time you need to go somewhere that has a strict no-baby policy, you should let uncle Bieber's voice babysit that kid at home.*

*Just kidding, do NOT do that. I'm joking. Please don't do that.

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