Avril Lavigne Perfectly Responds To Taylor Swift's Shade On Tumblr

Plenty of us are guilty of losing an afternoon on Tumblr, scrolling through One Direction GIFs and pictures of elaborate desserts, wondering whether or not we should take a break to shower or expose our skin to sunlight.

These days are lazy and benign for most, but for Avril Lavigne, a day of Tumblr scrolling led to a night of compensatory tweeting (so Millennial of you, Av).

A Taylor Swift fan posted a series of comparison shots to Tumblr showing the "Wildest Dreams" singer cuddling up to her Swifties below photos of other celebs, including Lavigne, who appeared far less psyched to meet fans.

Swift, who has admitted in the past to being an active Tumblr user, reportedly liked the photo.

Lavigne was none too thrilled to be included in the comparison collage.

The photo of the Lyme disease fighter used in the post was from a meet-and-greet in 2014 where Brazilian fans shelled out $400 to meet Lavigne, only to be asked to keep a 2-foot distance for photos.

To combat the negative perception, the "Fly" singer tweeted her own collage of herself cheek-to-cheek with fans:


Swift may want to keep an eye out when clicking the little red heart in the corner of those Tumblr posts because you never know who's watching (It's Av. Avril is watching).

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