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Rachel Recchia on The Bachelorette

1 Of Rachel's Exes Asked Her Out On The Bachelorette's Finale And Twitter Lost It

Plot! Twist!

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Rachel Recchia may have had one of the roughest finales in Bachelor Nation history. Her brutal, televised breakup with final rose winner Tino Franco was marred with cheating, miscommunication, and accusations of vilifying one another. Throughout the footage’s airing during the “After The Final Rose” segment, Rachel was shown fighting back tears, looking like she was fighting for her life. But at least there was at least one moment of levity during the emotional Bachelorette finale, when Aven Jones showed up to ask Rachel out.

A quick recap: Before Rachel and Tino’s love story took a nosedive, she and Aven had a pretty good thing going. Their relationship was strong all the way through Fantasy Suites, but it fell apart in the first part of the finale, when Aven revealed he just wasn’t ready to propose at that time. "I want to leave here with you. I want that more than anything,” Aven said to her during the episode. I'm sitting here, trying to fight for it ... a life after this is something that I want with you."

Unfortunately for Aven, that wasn’t enough, and Rachel sent him home ahead of the final rose ceremony, making him Rachel’s runner-up of the seasons.

However, now that Rachel and Tino are clearly done... is there a chance she and Aven could become a couple? Apparently, he just might think so, since he showed up to whisk Rachel away from her uncomfortable hot seat with Tino.

Just the sight of Aven on their screens once again sent fans on Twitter spiraling.

When Aven actually revealed why he was there, the internet was *this close* to actually imploding. His exact words to Rachel — “Want to get out of here?” — left fans shook.

Rachel seemed shocked to see Aven, but she was immediately game to catch up with him. After Aven asked if she wanted to head out with him, she responded, “I would love nothing more,” and hightailed it out of there with him.

The super cute moment felt almost necessary after the awful time Rachel had just gone through on that stage (I mean, throw the gal a bone here). However, Tino got no such respite. As Aven swept Rachel away, Tino was left standing there, watching it all happen and wondering whether he was allowed to yeet himself off the stage or not. No matter how you feel about his behavior on the show, the moment was, in a word, brutal.

Tino’s awk situation aside, some fans also had a bone to pick with Aven’s knight-in-shining-armor moment, saying he didn’t deserve to be a second choice.

Others were convinced the moment was fake (to be fair, there are very few moments in Bachelor Nation that are 100% organic).

And then there was the camp that realized Aven’s surprise link-up with Rachel meant he won’t be announced as the next Bachelor.

Only time will tell how things turn out for Rachel and Aven. For now, let’s just hope these two have a nice, drama-free hangout together. It’s what they deserve.