This Scene With Arya And Brienne On 'GOT' Will Give You All The Feminist Feels

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4. Arya's return home isn't just a win for all the Stark fans watching at home. As Pod notes to Brienne, it's a win she should take for herself, too. Though Brienne didn't actually do the sorts of feats of derring she assumed it would take, both Stark girls are now safely home, as Catelyn wished. Now it's time to serve the younger Stark as she requests, which starts out with this Arya and Brienne scene on Game of Thrones.

As Arya points out, Brienne's pledge to her mother was to serve both Stark sisters, not just Sansa. Sansa may want a bodyguard, but Arya has no need for such a thing. Working on her fight training, on the other hand, is something Arya wants to do very badly, and she wants to do it with the woman who killed the Hound. (At least, as far as either of them knows she killed the Hound. It's going to be awkward when they find out otherwise.)

The result? After watching Pod struggle against Brienne all this time on the training ground, it was lovely to see the Maid of Tarth meet her match. No wonder Sansa stopped and stared.

That one-on-one between them was damn near electric.


This wasn't just fighting. This was pure Syrio Forel with just a touch of a Waif whose face hangs on a hall far across the Narrow Sea. Arya is a beautiful dancer, no?


And yes, there were moments when the larger woman got the better of her, kicking Arya to the ground boot straight to chest. For a second you could see Brienne wonder if she'd gone too far.



Arya was right back on her feet, ready to keep going, in a pose that was sexier than Margaery sashaying down a hallway in King's Landing with one of her queenly golden dresses on. Brienne did everything to try to take the girl down. She even disarmed her of her sword.


Oh look, what a nice dagger that is Arya's got. Valyrian steel vs valyrian steel, we should note.

ETA: Here's the full scene to watch again and again.

Who taught her that? No one. Obvs. I don't know about the rest of you, but I cannot wait for round two.