11 Artists Who Wouldn't Exist Without Prince


Today, the world lost legendary musician Prince at the age of 57.

The musician was found dead in his home in Minnesota on Thursday morning.

This is a huge loss for not just fans of Prince but for fans of modern R&B music. Prince is considered a revolutionary innovator of the "Minneapolis sound," a mix of funk, rock, pop, R&B and soul.

He is perhaps most well-known for his film and soundtrack, Purple Rain, which is often ranked as one of the greatest albums of all time.

Prince's influence will never be forgotten in the music world. His legacy will live forever through the many, many musicians he inspired.

Here are just some artists who wouldn't be where they are today without the artist known as Prince.

1. Justin Timberlake

Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock

You can hear Prince vocals all over those high falsettos in "FutureSex/Love Sounds." After Prince died, Justin Timberlake wrote a memorial to the artist on his Instagram saying Prince was "somewhere within every song [he's] ever written."

2. The Weeknd

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The Weeknd cited Prince as an important inspiration for his vocals in an interview with Complex back in 2013.

3. Beyoncé


Beyoncé and Prince are longtime friends, and the pair performed together at the 2003 Grammy's. You can definitely hear the influence on her self-titled album.

4. Kendrick Lamar

Olly Stabler/REX/Shutterstock

Top Dawg Entertainment's co-president Punch said Kendrick's most recent album, Untitled Unmastered, was inspired by Prince's 1987 album -- no song titles, no covers, just music.

5. Frank Ocean

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Frank Ocean is a known Prince fan, calling him the "the original based god" on his Tumblr. He's even covered some of Prince's songs.

6. D'Angelo

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One of D'Angelo's most popular hits, "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)" is a tribute to Prince, and he cites Prince as one of his main influences.

7. Janelle Monàe


The Prince influence on Janelle Monàe's music and aesthetic is obvious, and Prince was even featured on Janelle's song "Givin Em What They Love."

8. St. Vincent

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St. Vincent said she strove for a "Prince-y vibe" on her song "Digital Witness."

9. Beck

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Beck's sound shares a striking similarity to Prince's, and he performed several Prince songs live.

10. Pharrell Williams

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Like Justin, the Prince influence can be hear loud and clear in Pharrell's high notes.

11. Alicia Keys

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Alicia Key's brand of contemporary R&B wouldn't be possible without the foundation Prince lay down, and she has cited him as a major influence.

RIP, Prince. You will never be forgotten.