'Arrested Development' Is Getting A New Season After Three Years Of Waiting


It's official -- I just blue myself.

Jeffrey Tambor was on the "Today" show on Tuesday and made a startling announcement that may cause you to do a chicken dance (which may or may not resemble the actual movements of a chicken).

While his appearance was not as entertaining as when Cory Feldman looked like a singing Sith lord on the morning talk show, the Emmy award-winning actor gave all of us "Arrested Development" fans some amazing news.

That's right, there's going to be a fifth season.

Yes, drink up your juice, Buster. There's more where that came from.

At the very tail end of this segment (which has Tambor breaking the "no touching" rule from the Netflix show with Al Roker) Al asks Jeffrey if there are any developments of the "Arrested" kind, and Jeffrey gave this response,

There's always chatter. My marching orders are to go to work in January.

January? Why, that's roughly (*counts fingers on one hand*) four months away?

Sorry, Buster. Mentioning "one hand" in the last parenthetical was insensitive.

The most recent chatter Bluth fans heard was when Jessica Walter (AKA Lucille) said the prospects of the show's return were "looking real good."

Now the proof that everyone's favorite (fictional) real estate family is back is as solid as a rock (and Iraq, too).

I admit, the beginning of the last season was confusing AF, but the payoff at the end was pretty incredible.

Although, if this fifth season doesn't have Mrs. Featherbottom I'm going to tune out ("in the most delicious way").

And I swear to GOB if this is all a prank, I'm going to use one-armed J. Walter Weatherman to teach the cast a lesson...

And that's why you don't lead "Arrested Development" fans on!

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