Ariana Grande And The Ladies Of SNL Accidentally Write An Epic Feminist Anthem


Like Britney, Justin and Miley have each done in the past, Ariana Grande covered both roles of host and musical guest on this week's episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Though the night's sketches were all pretty great, one in particular stands out: A musical number sung by the ladies of SNL (plus Grande) titled “This Is Not A Feminist Song.”

The hilarious ballad starts off with the women explaining how they desperately tried to write a feminist song, but found it too difficult to capture “every woman's deal,” and gave up.

However, by the end, they conclude that maybe women singing a song that they wrote automatically qualifies it as a feminist song. Then, as it goes, they live happily ever after.

It's super ridiculous and almost cringe-worthy in its awkwardness, a true SNL gem.

Check out the video below and head to SNL's channel on YouTube to see more from Ariana Grande's hosting gig.

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