22 Times Ariana Grande Perfectly Captured The Struggles Of Life (Photos)

Over the years, Ariana Grande has blessed us with many things — her music, her hair, her acting, her doughnuts.

She has had so much going on, it isn't a surprise the Internet loves talking about her.

From starring as Chanel #2 on "Scream Queens" to singing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, pretty much everything Ariana does gets turned into a hilarious meme.

Additionally, this Thursday night Ariana releases her new single, "Focus."

To help celebrate the occasion, here are 22 Ariana Grande memes that perfectly capture life's greatest struggles.

If anyone gets you, it's Ariana.

1. For when you're hungry AF and just want to eat:

2. For when you get this lovely surprise:

3. For when you stalk yourself as a tween and it ain't pretty:

4. For when you're too shy to interact with strangers:

5. For when you're being the funniest kid in the class:

6. For when your ugly selfie game is on point:

7. For when you don't get the response you deserve:

8. For when you're confused about an outcome:

9. For when you get a little carried away with the tweezers:

10. For when the haters think you're listening:

11. For when you put on a different face to Snapchat bae:

12. For when you just aren't in the mood to help out:

13. For when you get a little distracted:

14. For when you need to change your look:

15. For when bae says something cute:

16. For when you show someone what's up:

17. For when you need to present yourself differently in the classroom:

18. For when you can't keep up with the crew:

19. For when you're done with annoying classmates:

20. For when something goes over your head:

21. For when you forget about an assignment:

22. For when you have to impress your crush: