Ariana Grande And Jimmy Fallon's 'Lip Sync Conversation' Is Too Perfect

Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon's "Lip Sync Conversation" is so good, I doubt I'll ever be entertained by a boring old "Lip Sync Battle" again.

On "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" this week, Jimmy stops by guest Ariana Grande's dressing room, and the two carry on almost an entire conversation by lip syncing snippets of pop songs. It's pretty great.

It's not necessarily the most normal of conversations -- there are a lot of emotions flying around, apologies via Justin Bieber and a promise to eat cake by the ocean.

Obviously, they worked Ariana's "Dangerous Woman" in there, and even the new Beyoncé album got a shoutout (Jimmy and Ariana plan to build sandcastles this weekend).