Ariana Grande And Jennifer Hudson Slay 'Hairspray Live' Duet

I think we can all agree while there were a lot of good things about "Hairspray Live!," Jennifer Hudson was the ultimate good thing.

Oh, and Ariana Grande can come, too.

First, the whole cast came together for a lively performance of "You Can't Stop The Beat," which is technically the last song in the show.

But then Jen and Ariana took the stage for the best damn curtain call performance in the history of curtain calls.

Honestly, Jennifer Hudson and Arianna Grande singing about the endless struggle for racial justice is the best way to end 2016.

Plus, Jennifer Hudson's gold sparkly jumpsuit is one for the history books, and Ariana's knee-high boots are legendary.

In the live show, Grande, 23, plays Penny Pingleton, the nerdy best friend of Tracy Turnblad (played by Maddie Baillio).

Hudson, 35, plays Motormouth Maybelle, an R&B producer fighting to get recognized for her talent.

The roles were played by Amanda Bynes and Queen Latifah in the 2007 film "Hairspray!," and I think Ariana and Jen more than lived up to their predecessors.

On the 2007 film soundtrack, "Come So Far (Got So Far to Go)" is sung not by Penny, but Motormouth, Tracy, Link and Seaweed.

But obviously, you can't cast Ariana Grande in a musical and then give her only one song. C'mon, NBC's not stupid.

The encore's not the only song Jennifer Hudson killed it on. (Is anyone surprised by that?)

The singer also absolutely slayed her performance of "I Know Where I've Been." I don't know about you guys, but I was 100 percent crying by the time she got to that final note.

Basically, Jennifer Hudson won the night, the end, goodbye.

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