Are These Characters Dead After That Final 'GOT' Scene? Here's What We Know

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from the Game Of Thrones Season 7 finale. Oh crap, the Wall fell down. That was careless. More so because, after all these years of focusing on Castle Black and worrying about Edd and friends back in the only castle still outfitted with men, that's not where the Night King hit at all. Heck, considering it's 150 miles to the West, we're curious to know if Castle Black even felt that. Meanwhile, the men stationed at Eastwatch are screwed. Are Tormund & Beric Dead?

Much like some of the other deaths this season, the show left it rather vague as to what happened to the main characters stationed at Eastwatch. Once again, like last week, we had "red-shirt" wildlings manning the top of the Wall when three blasts blew, who then fell to their deaths as Viserion flew in and began hamming away at the Wall's foundations with blue fire.

But when it comes to our (now growing fewer and farther between) main characters, it seems almost like the show isn't quite able to murder with the impunity it once did. Perhaps after all this time, they've grown attached? Is Game of Thrones growing soft in their old age?


Certainly it seems a bit unrealistic that either Tormund or Beric could survive the one-two punch of what they've just faced. Theoretically, they could have managed to outrun the castle collapse, or been left in the part at the top that magically did not fall away and also somehow been missed by the falling chunks of Wall, many of which did not fall forward as gravity would dictate.


But then 100,000 dead wights walked on through looking for more living creatures to add to their numbers.

But then again, is that what Beric has been saved for all this time? Did he live just to help Jon get a wight and return? Or will he and Tormund somehow magically outrun, outwit, and outlive these slow moving dead things and get themselves back to Winterfell for one final battle?


It's going to be a long wait for Season 8.