Steve Martin as Charles-Haden Savage

I Honestly Can't Believe This Only Murders Character Is Back

I'm worried about Charles.

Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

Only Murders In The Building may technically be a true crime tale about three podcasters, but it’s also a soap opera. The main characters’ relationships with their estranged or absent loved ones are as central to the story as the murder cases. It was a big deal when Charles’ daughter figure Lucy returned to his life. But for every good thing Charles experiences, there’s a not-so-good one, and Charles and Jan getting back together is definitely in Only Murders’ questionable category.

Warning: Spoilers for Only Murders In The Building Season 2, Episode 5 follow. When Charles saw a string of Number Unavailable missed calls on his phone at the end of Episode 4, viewers weren’t sure what to make of it. It turned out they were all from Jan, and the last look viewers had of Charles in that episode was him sitting in the prison visiting center.

As Episode 5 started, viewers were shocked to learn Charles had actually reached out first, hoping Jan’s devious mind could be of use in solving the case. Charles blinked as she cooed about how much like old times their reunion was, the two of them theorizing whodunit. Old times? As in, back when she pretended to have no idea who was responsible for Tim Kono’s murder and sent them on wild goose chases while she, the murderer, was right there? Charles wasn’t buying it.


However, by the end of the episode, Charles realized how much he missed Jan; the apartment building was so quiet without the sounds of her bassoon. Despite his protests that he should go, he didn’t seem to be able to bring himself to hang up. The next thing you know, the two were reminiscing over the phone about their first night together and their favorite bagels. Jan pointed out there were still some of her favorites in the freezer if he wanted to bring her some.

So, it wasn’t a big surprise when the camera cut to the prison again, with Jan and Charles on the phone. As Jan thanked Charles for bringing her bagels, his dopey smile was all the visual evidence audiences needed that, whatever happened last season, Charles wasn’t over Jan. She looked thrilled to use that to her advantage.

Will Jan be helpful in the new case? Will it turn out that Bunny’s murder is all an elaborate scheme to get Charles back? At this point, just about anything is possible.

Only Murders In the Building Season 2 continues with new episodes every Tuesday on Hulu.