Anna Kendrick And James Corden Got Super Romantic On 'The Late Late Show'

James Corden and Anna Kendrick in the SAME love music video montage? Which God did we please to have been bestowed such a great and mighty honor?

It is truly a day of thanks on this earth, as our prayers have been answered.

When I think of genuinely likable celebrities who I would give the left side of my body to in order to hang out with them, these two humans always top my list.

James Corden is quirky, British and seemingly the nicest man ever while Anna Kendrick is just a flippin' JOY any time she's on camera.

Getting the two of them into the same TV segment is GOLD, and the fact that it's a musical short about the phases of love makes me feel like my eyes just drank a ton of heartwarming soup.

These two need their own buddy cop movie or something. I'd pay MAD money to watch a movie where these two play the nicest members of the NYPD (or the DEA, or whatever other government agency makes sense).

Boom: Here is a billion-dollar franchise, Hollywood. DM me so I can send you the info on where to deposit my residual checks.

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