Here's What Angie From 'Orange Is The New Black' Looks Like Out Of Costume

by Dylan Kickham

The Orange Is the New Black actresses don't exactly get to show off their most glamorous looks on the prison drama, and that especially goes for Julie Lake, who plays the drugged-up inmate Angie.

Angie had been a supporting character to varying degrees in seasons prior, but in the newly released fifth season, she and her meth-addicted partner in crime Leanne rise to become integral players in Litchfield, even forcing the prison to put on a talent show at gunpoint.

On the show, Angie's unsightly, grime-covered meth teeth are the pièce de résistance of her look, but when she's not in her OITNB make-under, Julie Lake is truly gorgeous... and almost unrecognizable!

She even made sure to provide her followers with a glam, made-up selfie before the new season of Orange Is the New Black came out, writing:

Showing off my pearly whites and non fucked up face before season 5 comes out and you see me in all my Angie glory

But for such a drastic transformation, Julie says it actually takes less than 30 minutes for her to become Angie. She told TooFab it's Angie's wild, unkempt hair that takes the bulk of that time, while her signature stained teeth actually only take less than a minute for the makeup department to paint on.

Like "Skinhead Helen," her fellow OITNB star with a particularly dramatic transformation for the camera, Julie is not often recognized in public. In fact, she even revealed one day when she was hanging out with the rest of the cast, a fan came up to them and asked her to be the photographer while the fan posed with the other ladies.

But then again, I'm sure Julie must be pretty glad to not resemble a meth-head prison inmate. I'm mostly just glad to know that those teeth aren't real!