7 Reasons Amy Schumer Is More Than Just Comedy's 'It' Girl

by Hannah Chambers

Die-hard comedy fans have been fangirling over Amy Schumer for a few years, but the rest of the world has only recently tuned into her greatness.

There's something about Schumer we can all relate to.

Whether she's chugging wine from the bottle or sharing the most intimate, cringeworthy details of her latest hookup, we feel like we're chatting with a close friend rather than watching a YouTube video of one of her late-night talk show appearances.

Schumer has become more than just a hilarious comedian; she's the role model for our generation.

Here are the reasons why:

1. She admits when she's wrong and genuinely cares about her fans.

A few weeks ago, Schumer received criticism for performing too short of a set at the first of two shows she put on at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland, Maine.

Angry fans took to social media to say they felt they deserved a refund. In response, Schumer tweeted:

Later, in an interview with Portland TV station WCSH 6, Schumer apologized further, saying:

I feel horrible about it, but I promise it wasn't laziness, or that I didn't respect the crowd. I have to be out there, it was strictly a rookie mistake, and I'm sorry that they had to pay for it.

Realistically, the length of the show was completely out of Schumer's control.

The 10:30 pm show was added after the 7:30 show sold out (thank you, from a fan who was too hungover the morning the tickets went on sale to be awake before they were all gone).

Even though the entire mishap was out of her control, Schumer took full responsibility.

How many artists use excuses or place the blame elsewhere when something goes wrong with one of their shows?

Most of them.

Amy's ability to sincerely apologize is seriously awesome, and it shows how much she really cares about her fans.

2. She understands the whole “kind of dating” thing.

You know that thing where you're like, kind of dating someone?

Like, you've hung out sober before, and you're almost past the “he waited five minutes before texting me back, so I'm going to wait seven minutes” phase.

Well, Amy's totally been there. Here's the proof:

3. She loves wine just as much as we do.

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Schumer is known for the fact she sometimes brings a bottle of wine on stage during her performances.

It's just a classier way to get blacked out, right?

4. She's more than just the “funny girl” she's always labeled as.

Read any article published about Schumer, and you'll find the phrase “funny girl” always comes before her name.

In reality, Schumer isn't a funny girl. She's an empowering woman.

When most celebrities become really famous for the first time, they use their newfound fame to improve their image.

They get a bombass stylist, hair extensions and maybe even veneers.

Schumer has used her fame and stylist to not only raise her own confidence, but to inspire other women to do the same.

In the interview below, you can listen to Schumer discuss her struggles with self-image and her plans for helping others.

Additionally, Schumer is actively working to support legislation that proposes background checks aimed at preventing mass shootings.

When two “Trainwreck” moviegoers were killed and nine injured this summer, Schumer used her fame to shed light on the issue.

5. She's as comfortable in her skin as we all wish we could be.

On body confidence, Schumer said:

I feel very comfortable in my own skin. When someone makes jokes about me being heavy, it makes me mad. It's not true. I'm right where I should be.

It's time to stop praising Schumer for being an inspiration for women because she's “heavy.”

She isn't heavy. She's an exactly healthy weight. (Also, she has totally enviable legs.)

We should praise Schumer for being an inspiration for women because she's an example of how to love yourself in the way you deserve to be loved.

6. She makes us think while making us laugh.

Schumer's jokes are more than just knee-slappers; they're social commentary.

Her best jokes make us laugh, but then force us to scratch our heads.

It's almost impossible to get through an episode of "Inside Amy Schumer" without feeling like you've just been empowered by a totally hilarious, badass feminist.

7. She says what we're all afraid to say, but need to hear.

Schumer is finally approaching all of the topics we've been trained to realistically shy away from.

Women can have sex and drink and eat whatever they want, and they don't have to worry about being labeled “unladylike.”

It's 2015. It's time to talk about the stuff we actually want to be talking about.

Thanks, Amy Schumer, for helping us get there.

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