Amy Schumer Fights Rape Culture By Criticizing Her Former Comedy Writer

by Candice Jalili

Former "Inside Amy Schumer" writer Kurt Metzger has been facing a lot of heat for some highly insensitive Facebook posts he recently made regarding sexual assault. And Amy Schumer has finally spoken against him.

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Schumer elaborated on her disappointment and disgust in Metzger's words. The main example is his Facebook post that's speculated to be about the scandal going on with comedian Aaron Glaser.

Several female comedians are accusing Glaser of rape, and he's since been banned from UCB theaters.

Metzger wrote:


In the interview with Charlie Rose, Schumer explained that Metzger is her friend, but that does not mean that his beliefs are in any way, shape or form reflective of her own.

In fact, her team had Metzger on the staff of "Inside Amy Schumer" because his opinions were so starkly different from her own and those of the other writers. They believe it gave the show a different perspective.

That being said, Schumer makes it clear his opinions, in this case, are wrong.

“He's the problem, no question," she said. "But the focus is on him rather than on what the really -- the real main problem is."

Rose tried to clarify what Schumer, a survivor of sexual assault herself, meant by asking if the "main problem" is "a smart understanding of what rape has become." Schumer agreed, and urged everyone to stop giving "internet trolls" like Metzger the attention they're searching for.

Before the interview, Schumer had faced a lot of criticism for Metzger's words, especially since she is noted as such a role model for the very survivors of sexual assault he's going out of his way to belittle. (Read Elite Daily staffer, Katie Corvino's account of how the comedian helped her come to terms with her own experience here.)

Schumer took to Twitter to disassociate herself from Kurt's controversial opinions:

I am so saddened and disappointed in Kurt Metzger. He is my friend and a great writer and I couldn't be more against his recent actions. — Amy Schumer (@amyschumer) August 17, 2016

She then went on to clarify he's no longer employed by her:

Kurt does not work for me. He is not a writer on my show. Please stop asking me about it. His words are not mine. — Amy Schumer (@amyschumer) August 17, 2016

Watch the full interview for yourself here:

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