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I Can't Stop Laughing Over Amy Schumer Trolling Chrissy's "Happy Birthday" IG

Chrissy can't stop laughing either.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Amy Schumer is taking a page out of Chrissy Teigen’s book. On Aug. 7, Teigen shared a glamorous video of herself descending the stairs at a home on Martha's Vineyard island. The video was posted as a tribute to Barack Obama, and Teigen sang Stevie Wonder’s version of “Happy Birthday” as the camera panned down the stairs. Two weeks later, Schumer put her own comical spin on the original video. Instead of dressing to the nines like Teigen, she wore an oversized tank top and sported disheveled hair, which was equally as iconic if you ask me. Amy Schumer's video recreating Chrissy Teigen's "Happy Birthday" Instagram is everything.

Teigen looked beyond glamorous in her original video in an ensemble that exhibited major Marilyn Monroe vibes. “Well that was magical. goodnight Martha’s Vineyard. I have fallen in love with you hard!” the model captioned her video post.

Teigen and her hubby must have stayed in some nice digs, because Schumer decided to stay in the same exact house during her trip to the Vineyard later that month. She seized the opportunity to mimic Teigen’s singing video, and the new rendition had fans rolling on the floor laughing. She even sported a tank top that said “Boat hair, don’t care” across the front.

Schumer made it very clear she wasn’t shading Teigen with the video. Instead, she called the video a tribute. “We love you @chrissyteigen,” she added in her caption.

You can watch Teigen’s original “Happy Birthday” video below.

Fans got a total kick out of Schumer’s fun-loving update to the video. “Nailed it,” one comment read. “LOVE YOU, Amy Schumer!! You are every bit as beautiful and classy as Chrissy!!” another said, clearly stanning Schumer’s low-key look.

Even Teigen herself chimed in. After catching wind of the video. "Oh it's on,” she wrote, clearly in on the joke.

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Martha’s Vineyard may have been magical for Teigen, but the true magic came with Schumer’s flawless tribute.