Charlie Carver as Adam in  AHS:NYC

The AHS: NYC Episodes 7 & 8 Promo Teases Something Horrific

I'm both disturbed and intrigued.

by Ani Bundel

American Horror Story’s latest season is about early 1980s New York City, set just as AIDS began to ravage the LGBTQ+ community. However, this being AHS, there’s a significant twist with a serial murderer and a strange illness that isn’t acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The American Horror Story Season 11, Episodes 7 and 8 promo suggests things will only get worse as AHS: NYC reaches a climax.

Warning: Spoilers for American Horror Story Season 11, Episodes 5 and 6 follow. How much of AHS this season is meant as an AIDS parable and how much is just viewers using existing knowledge of the past to be haunting is the subject of fan theories. But Episode 5, in particular, brought the supernatural into the mix, as Kathy, the bathhouse owner, also turned out to own a tarot reading parlor, where the cards were not running in favor of the show’s characters.

Very little ran in their favor, not just the repeated cards promising the demise of the main cast. Poor Barb didn’t leave the shower alive after signing her divorce papers. Meanwhile, Whitley’s plan for the Pride parade was revealed to be one of the freakiest Frankensteins the show has come up with yet. And Episodes 7 and 8 are just going to get wilder.

AHS: NYC Episode 7 will be titled “The Sentinel,” while Episode 8 promises a return to “Fire Island.” The synopsis for Episode 7 reads, “Patrick’s search reaches an epic conclusion. The group reshifts their focus, but a different plan is in store for Hannah...” As for Episode 8, the synopsis reads, “Terrifying events at Fire Island rupture the group and force them to reconsider everything.”

As the synopses indicate, everyone in this season is far more connected than initially suggested. Sam and Patrick turned out to have a history that included the accidental demise of Billy on Fire Island, who they buried. Henry the bar patron who Gino initially questioned, turned out not just to be a mob fixer, but also wound up assigned to silence our favorite reporter, just as Gino saw Patrick and Sam drive off. But the real twist was that Henry’s assistant, who helped cut up the body, was none other than Whitely. When Patrick figured out that Henry’s old assistant was the serial murderer he was looking for, Gino agreed to help Henry take his old protégé down, only for everything to go wrong.

AHS: NYC continues with two new episodes every Wednesday at 10 and 11 p.m. on FX and streaming the next day on Hulu.