Amber Rose Gave The Most Interesting Breakup Advice To Iggy Azalea


Iggy Azalea been going through a rough time, and Amber Rose has taken notice.

Like everyone else who has even the slightest idea of Iggy's relationship with Nick Young, Rose is clearly privy to the fact the couple had a breakup that saw the musical artist publicly address rumors on Twitter.

And there were multiple rumors to address, lest we all forget. There was word, for instance, that Young had gotten another woman pregnant, and his ex took to social media to discuss.


Clearly, Iggy Azalea is hurting, which explains why Amber Rose would try to cheer her up in this Instagram post. So, what exactly is the bright side of Iggy's breakup? Amber had the most interesting take, saying,

Right. Here's the full post from Amber.

The full post said,

One thing is for sure: Rose definitely speaks from experience. She, of course, had a breakup with rap artist Wiz Khalifa. And if her IG post is any indication, we all know how she dealt with that.