This 'Friends' Alternative Ending Will Literally Blow Your Whole Mind

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This “Friends” fan theory will leave your brain stuck in second gear.

“Friends” will go down in history as one of the all-time greatest sitcoms to grace TV screens across the world.

The show was a near-perfect definition of appointment TV during its run, ending with the fifth most-watched finale in the history of episodic TV shows.

We all felt like we were part of the “Friends” crew when we watched: We cried when Monica adopted babies; we cheered when Ross and Rachel got back together; and we even got through a few episodes of “Joey” to support whatever that spinoff was trying to do.

That's what makes this fan theory about what really happened during the finale such a brainf*ck.

My proposal for how hit 90s TV sitcom Friends should have ended. pic.twitter.com/S7D3j2E3z5 — Xenophon Moscrop (@strnks) August 24, 2015

I mean, that couldn't be accurate. There is no way that is based in truth… It's all cute, but like, oh my God. “Friends” was a meth dream that took place in Phoebe's head.

Everything I know is a lie.

Could we BE any more misled by the producers of the show?

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