Everyone's Weirded Out By Allison Williams' X-Rated Sex Scene In Newest 'Girls'

by Eitan Levine

If there is one thing Marnie Michaels likes to do in "Girls," it's get her rocks off by the kitchen sink.

In a show that is known for its uncomfortably real portrayal of millennial sex culture, Allison Williams has had some of the most uncomfortable and realest millennial sex scenes during the run of "Girls."

Remember this fun lil' moment where Marnie's butt doubled as a cosmetic face mask?


Last night, Marnie had another memorable sex scene.


And although it didn't involve getting her tush getting licked clean, it did involve her holding onto the poor, poor, poor kitchen sink for stability and leverage.

The scene took place during the fourth episode of the show's sixth and final season.


After Ray finishes, she whispers to him,

I wanna die inside the mouth of a lion with you. And that way, we can be together forever, even in the moment of our own death. Your death and my death, right?

Always a fun normal thing to hear just seconds after you're finished having sex with someone.


Has anyone else noticed that whenever Marnie wants to have crazy sex, she automatically goes to the kitchen sink? Not even the bathroom sink. The kitchen one.

Is pink eye, like, not a big concern to the cast of this freaking show?!?!

Just like most things Lena Dunham has her hands in, the internet is sceeved out by what she put up on the screen.


But fans are also well aware they can't do anything to stop their interest in the show.


As the final season of "Girls" wraps up, the cast has already begun to come to terms with moving on from the show.

During an interview with MTV.com, Williams says,

I'm still in a place where I'm on a group chat with the girls and we just kind of say, 'I love you' every once in a while, in a way that feels like we just broke up, but we're trying to stay on good terms.

There's still more show, though, so don't worry! That kitchen sink could very well see some more action before the show's finale.

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