This 'American Horror Story: Cult' Theory Connects Oz To Murder House & We're Screaming


Every American Horror Story fan knows that Ryan Murphy loves to include little connections between the seasons, but he has yet to connect them all together in any major way... however, that may be changing this season if one fan theory proves true. We may only be a couple episodes into American Horror Story: Cult, but fans are already putting the pieces together and think the new season will end up going full circle and tying the anthology series back to Season 1. This AHS: Cult theory could bring us back to Murder House if it proves to be true, and it actually does sound pretty convincing!

The theory, like much of the fan speculation at this point, is about Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards' son, Oz. We still don't know much about young Oz, and fans have been guessing he may be a bigger part of the show than he appears for a while now. Some viewers are already theorizing that Oz (whose full name is Ozymandias, an ancient Greek name for a powerful ruler) may actually be the true leader of this season's cult, and the son of Evan Peters' creepy Kai Anderson. But another theory goes even further than that, proposing that Oz may actually be a major character we first met in the premiere season American Horror Story: Murder House.

As fans of the franchise will remember, the first season of American Horror Story ended on a chilling cliffhanger: Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange) has adopted her demonic grandson Michael Langdon, who is shown murdering his nanny with a smile on his face. The whole season centered on Vivien Harmon's (Connie Britton) pregnancy by Tate Langdon (Evan Peters), and the unborn child was revealed to be the antichrist. And now, AHS fans think antichrist Michael is back... as Oz!

It sounds far-fetched, but we all know this franchise has been capable of wilder twists. The main connection is how powerful fans are assuming Oz will become in Cult, and also how much he does look like Michael Landon's shaggy-haired dad Tate. Okay, that second part could make just as much sense in explaining the other theory that Kai is Oz's father, since both Tate and Kai are played by Evan Peters, but it still might be worth noting that Oz's blonde curls are very similar to Tate's from the Murder House days. More convincing is the show teasing Oz's rise to power later this season. Aside from just having the name of a powerful ruler, it's also clear the cult has a vested interest in Oz, with Kai even telling his sister Winter to sign on as his nanny in order to desensitize him to violence by showing him videos of bloody murders and stabbings. If Oz really is the antichrist, then it would make a lot of sense why the cult is seemingly so interested in recruiting him.

But there are also some potential holes in this "Oz is the antichrist" theory. First of all, Michael Langdon was born in 2012, and since Cult takes place in 2016, that would make Michael about 4 years old during the current season, whereas Oz is 10. The show could easily explain this away, however, by saying he ages differently as the antichrist. Other issues that the show could pretty easily find some reasons to explain away are how Michael ended up in Michigan when he was born in Los Angeles, where his guardian Constance now is, and why he's going by Oz now.

The biggest wrench in the theory, though, is how Oz has been acting in the first few episodes. The only thing we really know about Michael Langdon is that he kills with total abandon, smiling and giggling with blood covering his face. This is contrary to how we've seen Oz interacting with murder so far. Though he does seem to have an inherent interest in gore as seen through his Twisty the Clown comics, Oz is resistant to watching the murder videos that Winter forces him to binge. He also reacts with fear and horror to witnessing the clowns murdering the Chang family in the premiere. If Oz really was Michael Langdon, wouldn't he be more interested in and excited by murder?

Of course, the show could totally find some way to explain that kink in the theory away as well — we'll just have to wait and see if Oz really does turn out to be the second coming of the antichrist or not as this season continues.