Adele Shared A Three-Step Guide To Get You Through Your Next Hangover

Last week, Adele visited "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and a lot of crazy stuff happened.

First, she admitted she couldn't stop crying the day after her Grammys performance because of the sound trouble she experienced.

AWWW, ADELE. Stop that, you know we all love you.

Then, Ellen sent Adele to a Jamba Juice to eat grass in the most hilarious prank ever. It sounds insane, I know, but you seriously have to see for yourself.

It looks like the fun didn't stop there. Ellen and Adele also played a game where they were given categories and then asked to name three things that fit those categories before five seconds passed.

The game didn't actually appear on the show, but we have the video for you. It's hysterical.

The game started out chill. First, Ellen was asked to name three of her favorite beverages.

For Adele's first category, she had to name three ways to say hello. Simple, right?

Then, things started to get hilarious. Both Ellen and Adele ended up sharing three curse words they use when they get angry, and then Adele shared three names she calls her lady parts. LOL.

Later on, Adele was asked three ways to cure a hangover. She answered,

Coconut water, an Alka-Seltzer and paracetamol... like Advil.

It seems like she really knows every trick in the book.

In response to Adele's answer, Ellen said,

Wow, you knew that pretty quick.


Moral of the story: Don't f*ck with Adele and her alcohol. You can check out the full video above to hear her amazing responses.