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Addison Rae Was Briefly Banned From TikTok And I'm Surprised By Her Reaction

I would have freaked out.

Kevin Winter/WireImage/Getty Images

On Thursday, Oct. 14, Addison Rae announced on Twitter she was locked out of her TikTok account. The social media star has made a name for herself on the platform since July 2019, so the ban came as a surprise to fans who closely follow her. They wrote things like “No plz noooo” and “Please tell me you’re joking” in response to her message. To prove she wasn’t kidding, the He’s All That actress shared a screenshot she received from TikTok that said she apparently violated their community guidelines, which caused her to lose control of her account. Thankfully, it seemed to be a mistake because not long after, Rae was back on the platform. While fans were still upset over what happened, Addison Rae's reaction to her temporary TikTok ban was so chill.

The reason fans were so worried was that the message Rae received from TikTok looked pretty serious at first. “Your account was permanently banned due to multiple violations of our Community Guidelines,” the message read. Rae eased fans’ worries, however, by making light of the situation. “Well time to get a job,” she tweeted alongside the photo. When one person suggested she try a career at TikTok, Rae said, “Thanks I’ll try that one out!!”

Check out Rae’s reaction to her temporary TikTok ban below.

Rae didn’t explain why her account was banned, but it appears to have been a mistake. On Friday, Oct. 15, a spokesperson from TikTok reportedly told Page Six, “Addison’s account is up and running as normal. Her account was briefly down last night then restored within the hour.”

Rae hasn’t officially announced her return to TikTok yet, but as of Oct. 15, her account appeared back to normal as fans double-tapped all her existing videos. In the end, it seems Rae won’t have to change career paths after all.