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Addison Rae Slammed Bryce Hall's "Double Standards" After Their Atlanta Drama

She calls his version of events "one-sided."

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During the latest episode of his Sway Life IGTV series, Bryce Hall opened up about what happened between him and his ex Addison Rae while they were both in Atlanta for the April 17 Triller Fight Club boxing match. According to him, the two were seemingly on their way to getting back together when news came out Rae was reportedly seen hanging out with another guy. Addison Rae's response to Bryce Hall's claims about their Atlanta drama is a lot.

The famous TikTok stars dated from November 2020 to March 2021. There was a lot of drama surrounding their split because weeks before Hall announced he and Rae went their separate ways, rumors spread he cheated on her during a February trip to Las Vegas. However, Hall insisted he wasn’t unfaithful to Rae. He explained what led to their breakup during a March 25 YouTube video. "Both of us are going through a sh*t ton of things right now behind the scenes that we don't necessarily comfortably want to talk about to a camera especially. With all that stress, we've mutually decided that it would be best if we parted ways,” Hall said.

Weeks later, the stars were reportedly seen getting close in Atlanta on April 17. A video that surfaced online seemingly showed Rae and Hall with their arms around each other, sparking rumors they were back together. However, that same weekend, Rae was romantically linked with singer Jack Harlow (though she denied there was anything going on between them).

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On May 31, Hall told his side of the story about what happened between him and Rae in Atlanta. “We go out to eat. Me and Addison are vibing. We're chilling,” Hall said during the newest episode of Sway Life. “Fight day comes. I get told about the situation with her and another guy. Hits me right in the f*cking chest. I'm shocked, and then, figured out, maybe that's why she went to Atlanta a week early and I'm like, 'Oh my god, I feel so f*cking stupid.'"

“Everything was going great," Hall continued. "I think she led me on. That's the worst feeling."

Well, Rae seemingly had a different experience. Rae reportedly commented on the video writing, “The truth? This is very one-sided.”

She also tweeted, “Double standards,” seemingly suggesting Hall had no business criticizing her behavior considering his behavior throughout their rocky relationship history.

Hall later tweeted, “Calm down,” though it’s unclear if this was directed at Rae.

With their latest social media posts, it seems the drama surrounding Rae and Hall’s breakup isn’t over just yet.