Adam & Raven Went On A Date On 'Bachelor In Paradise' And Things Got Steamy

by Billy Lorusso

OK, Bachelor nation fanatics, it's only week two of Bachelor in Paradise and this season is already shaping up to be pretty friggen dramatic. Not that I'm at all surprised, but these contestants are all over the damn place this year. We've already seen some unexpected hookups, some deep connections, and some adorable (and some awkward) dates. Of course, people already have their favorite contestants all picked out, and we all have those couples in our minds that we *hope* get together (I'm actually here for the bromances TBCH). I think it's safe to say after Adam and Raven's date on Bachelor in Paradise, these two are quickly making their way to the top of everyone's list of couples we ship (sorry about it, Ben Z., at least you still have your dog).

As soon as Adam showed up with the date card, it was clear that he would be a threat to many of the guys; he's handsome, fun, romantic, and has a good personality, so it's a no brainer that any of the bachelorettes would wanna at least give it a shot with the stud. From the start, everyone (*cough* BEN *cough*) was shook and wondering who Adam would ask, and, low and behold, he chose one of the most popular gals on the island, Miss Raven.

The date itself was cute, and, between the conversation and the dancing (and the OMG hot kiss later in the episode), these two definitely seemed to have some chemistry with one another, but Raven wasn't so sure during the date. Knowing how hot of a commodity she is on the island, Raven made sure to build the suspense for all of us at home. She said during the date,

I like what I see in Adam so far, I think he's really sweet, but I'm still feeling it out... I don't know where I'm at right now because Ben Z. is back at the house and I'm still interested in him, but I'm also interested in Adam, so there's a lot going on in my mind... I'm just freakin' confused.

Obviously she got unconfused real quick, because we know who she gave her rose to in the end and now we'll be shipping a Radam romance all season long. Don't forget Ben also got a Rose from Danielle, though, so he's still on the island for the time being. As we well know, anything can happen in paradise, and there's still a long season ahead of us, so who knows if Raven will stick with Adam or rekindle her flame with Ben Z.